Boarding at Dreamfield


Full board is offered and our experienced staff is here to provide the best care for your horse. The well being of every horse boarded at Dreamfield Farm is our priority. The farm currently has a capacity of 20 horses.


We are open 7 days a week from 8am to 9pm.

Training At Dreamfield:

We require 2 lessons/ training rides per month from horses boarded at Dreamfield Farm. There is no show requirement. Full training services are also offered from beginners through advanced levels.

Services Included With Board:

– Grain is fed twice a day. We offer high quality grain brand options, but will acommodate if your horse is on a strict diet. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you with a balanced and nutritious diet created specifically for your horse.

We we proudly offer Triple Crown Nutrition products.


– High quality 1st cut timothy hay is offered to our horses 4 times a day. The quantity will depend on your horse’s body condition and is adjusted accordingly to ensure your horse is healthy and in good condition.

– Supplements are administered at no charge, but owner should supply them. When on multiple supplements we require that owner provide Smartpacks or ziplock/ containers.

– Daily turn out – weather and footing permitting. We have different sizes of turn out to acommodate your horse’s needs.

– Turn out boots/ standing wrap removal is provided

– Stalls are cleaned and new shavings are added every day. Stalls are also picked in the afternoon one more time.

– Water buckets are cleaned and scrubbed daily

– Blanketing is also provided at no charge. We change blankets according to temperature changes to ensure the well being of your horse – light, medium and heavy blankets.

– As a courtesy to our clients, we schedule farrier and veterinarian routine visits if using the farm’s professionals. We recommend Black Pond Vet Service and Shawn Gallagher but it is NOT a requirement to use their services. If not using them, boarder is required to schedule said routine visit on a timely manner and provide the farm with proof of vaccination/ copy of coggins test.

– First aid attention is given without charge. Owner is immediately notified and if necessary, veterinarian of choice will be informed. Our experienced staff will give your horse the care and attention until the owner and/or vet are on premises. Night watch is available for an extra fee.

– Minimal medication administration is included.

–  Barn Manager lives on site providing  consistent care for your horse.

–  Daily nightcheck, when last hay feeding is done.

–  Worming is done twice a year and new boarders are not allowed on paddocks until a clean fecal sample is provided. Worming is performed by our staff and added to the bill.


–  We offer an array of extra services that are charged separately.

– Please inquire for more information or to set up a visit to our facility.